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I am interested in many things and right now I am looking into doing voice over work.

I can do many voices and character voices as needed. I have quite a range of voices.

I am in San Francisco right now, but can relocate for the right job.

I completed a course in radio broadcasting. I also completed the Famous Radio Broadcaster's Course and took classes with Columbia School of Broadcasting.

I have entertained people with my voice since my teens and now I am in my fifties. Now I would like to use my voice to make money as well as entertaining people.

I was in choir from 4 until 13. 

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I can still sing yet my talent is more in bringing various characters to life. I enjoy making people laugh or getting other reactions based on what is happening to the characters in the script.

I have lived in many parts of the country and was able to pick up local accents easily.

During my years of work I have been in contact with millions of people and feel that I can relate to what they want.

If you need a professional voice over person, I can be contacted at

I am truly looking forward to meeting your needs for quality voice work at your soonest convenience.                 

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Please give as much detail as to what you need so we can negoiate the details of our arrangement. Initial contact will be via e-mail only please.

Quality voice over work can improve the way your company is seen by the public, from "Who the heck are these people?" to "I would like to get to know these people."