How To Pick The Right Acoustic Guitar

by Adolfo Valencia

This is a webpage created for new and experienced guitar players on which type of acoustic guitar is best for which type of music one plays.

For instance: Folk rhythms and Blues leads sound best on a big bodied steel string model while Soft Latin or Jazz rhythms and leads in my opinion sounds best with a Classic/Spanish cut-away as in the picture above.


In my self taught 40 plus years I learned the different NATURAL/SELF CREATED acoustic sounds a guitar can deliver not only on what type of acoustic guitar one plays but on how one plucks at the string/strings with a pick or thumb/fingers.

-Trembolo: can be created by moving the finger softly back the forth as one strikes a note or the last note of a lead run.

-Twisting: creates some cool after tones by striking one or more strings simultaneously and applying enough pressure to slide the strings up or down the width of the neck.

-Feathering: creates a gentle octave by barely touching a string or strings at the desired fret position especially at the 7th and 12th fret.

-Cuffing: with slight pressure using the strumming palm across the strings creates a muted or scratching sound usually done while playing rhythm, putting the sound in the background or foreground.

-Pick Angling: striking a string with the pick angled about 30 degrees to the right will create unique aftertones especially with a steel string guitar.

-Between Chord Stroking: this is created by moving fingers off one chord to the next finger by finger all in one stroke.

-Combination: using all or a mix of the above can create some awesome leads.

*One can create a variation of chords by combining parts of two different chords....I call these "Open Harmonic Chords."