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Ghostown Hunter

 The Westward expansion from the East to the unexplored West, thousand of pioneers moved westward to find a better life
 for themselves and their families. Most of the ghost towns are located West of the Mississippi, especially in the states of California, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona. There are over 10,000 ghost towns in California alone.


                  Shopkeepers, farmers, trappers moved westward to the land of opportunity. Along the way West, many stop to  establish small towns and trading posts. Many came to find their fortune in gold, silver and land. Unfortnately many towns
 were abandon, leaving buildings and pieces of history behind.

Ghost Towns

             Either the miners luck ran out, or the towns could not support their meger living. There are many such towns
                 today, all have a rich history of the past of those who came before us. Such towns today are now what we call, "Ghost Towns".


   I have explored many such towns in my travels across the plains and the deserts. Most of the towns are located
in the states of California,Nevada and Arizona. With all ghost towns,only take photographs and leave only 
  footprints behind. This is our heritage and we must all  preserve for future generations. 

bodie ghostown

Bodie Ghost Town, California